Ritik Roongta

Ritik Roongta
Ritik Roongta

Ph.D. Student
Computer Science Department
NYU Tandon

Hi! I'm a first-year Ph.D student in the Computer Science Department at NYU Tandon. I am co-advised by Prof. Rachel Greenstadt and Prof. Brendan Dolan-Gavitt.

My research interests span across the systems security and privacy. I am interested in vulnerability discovery using techniques like fuzzing, static code analysis and automated testing. I have the experience of working with large codebases like Linux kernel and Chrome browser.

Previously, I completed my undergraduate studies from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India in 2021, majoring in the Computer Science and Engineering. I have undertaken various courses in Management and Policy Studies as well. I have spent the summer of 2020 at the University of California, Santa Barbara where I worked with Prof. Vigna and Prof. Kruegel in the SecLab. I was working on the project KANF which is a kernel assisted network fuzzer.

I have had the support of various seniors and mentors who have guided me throughout my undergraduate life to pursue a research career. To continue the legacy, I have decided to devote 1 hour each week in order to help the ambitious undergraduate students who could benefit from my experience. Please read this before sending me an email :)

Email: firstname.r [at] nyu.edu | firstname+lastname [at] gmail.com

Links: [Full CV] [Twitter] [Github] [LinkedIN]

Recent News

  • (08/2022) Our work "Drifuzz: Harvesting Bugs in Device Drivers from Golden Seeds" was published in USENIX, 2022 (06/2020) Awarded the NYU School of Engineering (SoE) Fellowship to support me with my research objectives.


  • In my free time, I like to play badminton and read non-fiction books. I participate in CTFs with alias "racro".
  • The source code for this website was borrowed from Nelson Liu (https://nelsonliu.me).